Environmental Sustainability & Resources


Protect ecological systems and reduce inefficient use of resources.

  • Increases energy efficiency.
  • Promotes water conservation.
  • Promotes waste minimization.
  • Promotes use of resource-efficient materials.
  • Aids pollution prevention.
  • Conserves natural resources.
  • Improves indoor and outdoor air quality.
  • Reduces outdoor light pollution.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The City of Olathe recognizes that protection and conservation of its local and regional environmental resources is important to City residents. The City should promote environmentally responsible operations, planning, and development. Policies and procedures should be examined to lessen resource consumption, waste generation, stormwater runoff, and air pollution impacts to our community. The City should also strive to promote wise use of natural resources in its own municipal operations.

Guiding Principles

Protect and preserve significant natural ecological systems.

Encourage innovation in green building practices.

Minimize the Disposal of Solid Waste to Preserve Landfill Space.

Manage stormwater runoff and conveyance systems to protect the water quality of Olathe’s streams and lakes and protect property from flood damage.