K-7 Corridor Study and Design Guidelines (2002)


The K-7 Corridor Study and Design Guidelines were originally approved in 1997 and subsequently revised in 2002.


The 1997 Olathe Comprehensive Plan Foundations for the Future recommended sixteen corridor studies in the short and mid-term. The K-7 Highway study was one of eleven corridors recommended for study in the short term, and was the largest and most undeveloped major business development corridor designated for further study.  The study analyzed the current and anticipated ecological impact, and socio-economic and infrastructure needs of College Boulevard between K-7 Highway and Clare Road. Key elements of the plan included recommended future land uses, recommended road system improvements and design guidelines for the corridor. 

Key Conclusions

  • Develop a street system which balances the conflicting issues of access to adjoining properties and through traffic movement;
  • Create a grade separation along Cedar Creek tributary to accommodate the Olathe Parks and Recreation Strategic Master Plan’s vision of making this corridor a future pedestrian trail system;
  • Provide additional east-west access points as to not isolate the west side of the study area;
  • Utilize Residential 12 land use units as a buffer between nonresidential land uses or high volume roadways and Low Density Residential land uses;
  • Utilize Residential 7 land use category to provide for a mixture of housing products or to buffer lower density land uses from nonresidential uses;
  • Utilize Low Residential land use for land that is too rolling to develop for employment and commercial uses or has significant topographic features and natural vegetation worthy of preservation;
  • Prevent shallow commercial strips along College Boulevard and 119th Street;
  • Ensure Commercial/ Local land use that serves surrounding neighborhoods be connected to the areas it serves through building design, use and transportation linkages for vehicles and pedestrians;
  • Ensure regional shopping areas adjoin a minimum of two arterial streets and be within close proximity to existing or planned residential areas;
  • Research/development/flex district (light manufacturing, product assembly, research or storage) should increase office uses further west from K-7 Highway to serve as a transition to the Cedar Creek office development;
  • Continue the 1997 K-7 Corridor Study ban on distribution centers or other warehousing operations requiring large numbers of trucks, except for the area north of College Boulevard and between K-7 Highway and the eastern half section line;
  • Encourage small scale office buildings through multi-story buildings with multi-leveled parking structures along arterials running parallel to K-7;
  • Locate public/semi-public uses near local commercial centers, possibly on the ridgeline between 119th and 127th street, west of K-7 Highway;
  • Pursue additional arterial interchanges at K-10 Highway and Clare Road and an interchange or overpass at K-10 Highway and Lone Elm Road;
  • Immediately identify what improvements are possible and prepare preliminary designs for these structures to reserve and purchase necessary right-of-ways;
  • Provide signalization at 127th Street/ K-7 Highway intersection;
  • Provide additional arterials at Clare Road north of College Boulevard and Clare Road between 119th Street and 127th;
  • Move the intersection of Hedge Lane and 119th Street to the west;
  • Move the Monticello Terrace/ College Boulevard intersection east of the K-7 Highway northbound ramps;
  • Continue proposed trail system along Cedar Creek through employment portions using easements and greenways;
  • Encourage public or recreational use along the ridgeline between the corner of 127th Street and Hedge Lane and the corner of 119th
  • Street and Clare Road as the hilltop would benefit views afforded by high position;
  • Acknowledge the constraints of rugged terrain and the Little Cedar Creek between College Boulevard and 119th Street, which make connections between these two roads highly unlikely, as the City has no plans to build or require developers to make such connections;
  • Locate Local/Commercial land use along major intersections east of Clare Road;
  • Maintain the view sheds along the ridgeline between 119th and 127th Streets west o K-7 Highway, the southward views from the intersection of College Boulevard and K-7, and from the hill at the Cedar Creek School;
  • Provide the ability to cross K-7 by foot and bicycle.