Streetscape Master Plan and Downtown Design Guidelines (2003)


The Streetscape Master Plan and Downtown Design Guidelines were approved in 2003.


The Streetscape Master Plan and Downtown Design Guidelines is a two-part document that establishes a design framework for public and private redevelopment in the downtown area and along the Santa Fe corridor. This plan contains both the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan, describing public realm improvements in downtown and along the Santa Fe corridor; and design standards and guidelines, which establish standards for redevelopment of private property within the downtown area.

Key Conclusions

  • Direct public and private improvements;
  • Build high quality improvements to enhance the character of downtown;
  • Unify the visual image of downtown by implementing a series of street trees and street/pedestrian lighting, and providing landscaping that provides shade, seasonal color and visual interest;
  • Create a pedestrian oriented environment that is safe, visually pleasing, accessible and comfortable;
  • Strengthen downtown’s connections both visually and functionally by connecting both sides of Santa Fe Street, Mill Creek, and future downtown redevelopment;
  • Respect and preserve adjacent residential neighborhoods;
  • Encourage and accommodate the use of alternative modes of transportation;
  • Designate Santa Fe and Kansas Avenue as arterial streets;
  • Designate all other streets as collector streets.