Improvement Funding.

Policy Description: 

Utilize various financing techniques such as tax increment financing, industrial revenue bonds, historic tax credits, neighborhood revitalization tax rebates, and community improvement districts to aid revitalization projects. Pursue all forms of state and federal funding to enhance revitalization efforts.

Action Items:

Action 1:

Prioritize a list of the highest potential funding sources (most applicable and likely to attain).

Action 2:

Apply for high potential funding sources.

Action 3:

Explore the location and feasibility of Community Improvement Districts (CID).

Action 4:

Explore the potential use of tax increment financing (TIF) for the redevelopment of Kansas City Road between Downtown and the Mahaffie Heritage Center.

Action 5:

Publicize and market the availability of Neighborhood Revitalization tax rebates for residential and commercial improvements.

Action 6:

Determine what financing techniques may be available and most likely to attain for improvements to key downtown buildings including the Old Municipal Building and Mill Creek Center.